Hello again.

Back in early January I made a post from the midst of a personal low point. Feeling beaten down, I felt that I was in for a rough ride in the months to follow.

While that fact hasn’t really changed, the person writing this post appears to have changed considerably.

I don’t know what shackle my resolve has shaken off, but I feel like I have infinite energy and willpower to pull myself out of this funk and get my shit sorted.

I hope this new-found will to better myself is not merely the final flicker of a flame that’s about to go out.

It’s been a while.

It’s been nearly 9 months since my last post, and even that wasn’t particularly amazing. I can’t believe that was so long ago – it really doesn’t feel like it.

Unfortunately, it’s a very good example of what this post is ultimately about: I don’t do anything with myself. The last “big” thing I did with myself was Tokonatsu, and that was in early August – just over five months ago.

This has to change.

TDK Sound Cube

If you’re ever considering buying a TDK Sound Cube, allow me to add my recommendation. The fact that it will go to raucously loud volumes on batteries (12 D cells, but batteries nonetheless) is enough to justify the price.

Admittedly, I don’t know how long those batteries will last, but time will tell!

Optimus 3D

Recently LG have started advertising the Optimus 3D on TV. That, in itself, is fine. I can’t help but find their advert a little misleading, though: There’s only five built-in apps from LG that actually use the 3D technology – … Continued

Google Web Fonts.

Thanks, Google, for making them easy to browse, choose and implement. I’m now using one on my website home page. Literally two minutes to add to the page, and everything looks a little more modern.